100% VPS SSD Hosting for all our clients

Solid State Drive

CEH's new SSD disks offer high performance for mixed workloads, random read/write, for content broadcast networks or streaming. Compared to a traditional hard drive (HDD), an SSD is up to 500 times faster reading and 45 times faster writing (number of input/output operations per second - IOPS). Trials show that Web pages hosted by SSD servers download up to 3 times faster than servers equipped with traditional hard disks. Regarding bandwidth, SSD technology is at a much higher performance level and achieves speeds three times higher. In short, it reduces website access time and improves server stability, whatever the SSD load may be.

SSD is the future of storage

Unlike the traditional hard disks which store data on a magnetic platter, SSD technology uses flash memory (semi-conductors). An SSD does not contain any rotating parts and can access stored data entirely electronically instead of having to rely on an electromechanical device. Access to data is almost instantaneous and file transfer is considerably faster. With this technology, websites hosted with Infomaniak are even more reactive, better referenced and more attractive for visitors.

A boost for dynamic sites and WordPress

VPS SSD hosting is useful, both for the storage space as for all Web applications, such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, which use MySQL databases. In this way, dynamic websites which operate with databases access the information contained in databanks more quickly, shaving precious seconds from web page loading times.