Web Hosting With Monthly Bitcoin Payments – Avoiding Long Term Contracts

Posted by   Arif Noor

One common practice web hosting companies employ to secure customers involves offering long-term contracts at a discounted rate. Fork out a bunch of cash in the beginning and save money in the long run. Most long term contracts fall within either a 1 or 2-year plan though other terms do exist. Saving money with long term contracts seems desirable, and it can be when you can afford it. Problems can occur with hosting companies, and when they happen after the guaranteed period, things get even worse. This article aims at revealing the best providers of web hosting with monthly.

Best Providers Of Web Hosting With Monthly Bitcoin Payments

Before we explore some of the better companies that provide web hosting with monthly bitcoin payments we’d be remiss not to set some guidelines. Monthly Bitcoin payments still mean spending our hard earned money and we deserve quality hosting. Are we forced into the position of paying more money without a long-term contract? That hardly seems fair. Long term contracts come with some drawbacks that customers should know about and make web hosting with monthly bitcoin payments at least a same option.

Drawbacks Of Long Term Hosting Contracts – What People Should Know

Long term contracts seem like a better deal than month to month hosting because of money saved and they can be if you find a solid company. Even so, long term contracts come with drawbacks:

  1. Long term web hosting contracts cost much more money up front. Not everyone has the resources for this.
  2. After your contract ends web hosting providers raise their prices, often considerably. This forces a move to another web hosting service provider or a deeper dig into your pockets.
  3. Long term contracts typically offer 30, 60, or even 90 day money back guarantees which gives customers a trial period. Start experiencing hosting issues after the grace period ends and you’ll be lucky to get your money back at all.