Power Options

You can execute commands such as Reboot, Re-install and Netboot easily and effectively.

You can also choose specific operating system to be installed and can also can Edit ,Delete and Add Partitions as well.

Server Information

It Contains all the information related to Server,Hardware and CPU .
You can see all the necessary information such as
Data center, Operating System, Reverse IP, Server Status, Processor Architecture, Memory, Disk Groups, Motherboard, Kernel Information and Server Load as well.You can also see the Windows Compatible licenses by clicking on Compatible Licenses tab.

Client Are

The new client area enables our customers to use our powerful GUI to manage features such as Reboot, Reinstall, KVM, IP Management, Usage History, Ftp-Backup and more. Also, you can always have an eye on additional relevant information of your dedicated server such as Operating system Installed, Virtual Mac address Used, Connection Speed, Datacenter Allocated, Bandwidth Used and more from your client panel itself.

Modify IP Reverse

You can see the list of your IP’s and there information such as Country, Type of IP, Reverse, Virtual MAC and can easily manage them.

You can perform actions like Edit Reverse,Delete Fail over IP, Move Fail over IP, Add Virtual MAC and Unblock the SPAM.

FTP Backup

Enable the Backup for your FTP, Create ACL and Change Password for FTP and can easily manage IP blocks.

Usage Information

It Contains all the information related to Server Usage in form of Graph. You can select the different options available to display the graph accordingly.

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