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Dedicated Hosting

If you expect a high amount of traffic or have a moderately sized database-driven website, you want a hosting service with the stability and high-level features to meet those challenges. When you choose a Dedicated Hosting server, you’re rewarded with web hosting that can cope with your busiest and most critical times just as smoothly as your quietest periods.

The Dedicated Hosting package starts from Intel Xeon D-1520, 4c/8t - 2.4GHz/2.7GHz, 32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz for enhanced processing speed. Coupled with high-performance SAS hard drives and SoftRaid 2x2TB configuration, your data will stay secure and protected.

Along with an incredible 250 Mbps bandwidth and the security of USA’s most sophisticated hosting environment, your websites or business applications will continue to operate smoothly and at the highest possible speeds.